THE BIG GOODBYE - The Boltons 2002 CD:

NOW AVAILABLE - The Bolton's 9th studio album, featuring 12 new songs, and re-recordings of two previous ones. It contains rich melodies, exciting variety, and relevent messages. This past summer's popular, yet convicting hit song "Deny Yourself" is on it, along with the Bolton's latest single "Solid Rock Saturday Night". . Click on song titles for lyrics:

ARE YOU READY - Dramtic rocker with a splash of techno. 3 share lead vocals.
DENY YOURSELF - Funky rhythm & blues, with lyrics that punch.
SOLID ROCK SATURDAY NIGHT - 60's sound, medium pace, nice harmony.
WE GOT THE ROCK - Frantic pace, driving rocker.
YOU ARE MY SONG - Elegant praise song.
DAYS OF ELIJAH - Robin Mark's excellent modern-day anthem.
GOD SAVE AMERICA - God bless the USA. Patriotism with a Beach Boys twist.
OUR LADY OF SANTA POCO - A tale of conversion in a Mexican village.
LEGEND OF BLACK BART - A true western story about a Bolton ancestor
ALIVE FOREVER - Moody-Blues type rock ballad about our future hope
IT's ALL ABOUT LOVE - Re-recorded version of previous hit. Rob sings lead.
KEEP YOUR ARMS OPEN WIDE - Another re-do. Kim sings lead this time.
THE BIG GOODBYE - Mixed emotions when leaving home.

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There are those that believe that only alienated drop-outs from
society, and rebels can produce creative songs with depth and biting
lyrics. They haven't listened to" THE BIG GOODBYE, another Great
Christian Album By THE BOLTONS". The Boltons are a Rochester, N.Y. area
band consisting of Robert Bolton, his adult daughters Kim and Julie, and
drummer Dan Prouty. All but one of the 15 songs are original.
The album grabs your attention with a lively R.U. Ready. One thinks
that it must be all down hill from here. They can't possibility keep up
this level of energy melody with original images. They somehow do just
that with apocalyptic masterpieces such as "You Are My Song" and "Days
of Elijah". They vary their mood with the melancholic 'It's All About
Love" and use a country style with 'The Legend of Black Bart". Maybe
just to show off their diversity they include an excellent
folk rock song "Alive Forever". They finish as strong as they started
,with an original haunting song the albums name sake, "The Big Goodbye".

We hope that this album is not "goodbye" but the beginning of more of
the Boltons' music.