The Boltons:



A Summary of their Peak in the 1990's:

12 Re-Makes + 20 LIVE RECORDINGS

This 2-Disc Set has 12 "NEW" recordings of their top 1990's hits,

Plus Interviews, and 20 recordings from LIVE SHOWS !

VOLUME 1 - 2010 Re-Makes

VOL 1, cont: LIVE from 90's

VOLUME 2 - 2010 Re-makes

VOL 2, cont: LIVE from 90's

Rockin' Rollin'In Prom' Land Banners Flying Solid Rock Saturday Night Rockin' Rollin' In Prom' Land
Around About Driveway Romance Second Chance The Ark Party
Gone And Long Gone Honesty, Etc. Techno-Casualty Summertime Stars
Some Old Familiar Songs Don't Know Following You Big Media
Memories (w/ Cindy Bolton) Turning 90's Upside Down Someone's Watching You Beat the Reaper
The Overcomers Techno-Casualty It's All About Love Some Old Familiar Songs
  Keep Your Arms Open Wide   Around About
Interview: JKL + Kim + Julie Ain't Got Ya Yet Expose: John K. Labatt Jr. Wave After Wave
  A Summer to Remember   Don't Cross That Line
  Mission Possible   Everybody Come PTL

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