1999 ALBUM - "A Summer to Remember"

Songs: (Click titles for lyrics)

Some Old Familiar Songs It's All About Love
Mission: Possible Ahab's Last Ride
The Guardians (I Blame It All On That) Citi-fied Music
Techno Celeste Get Your Heart Right
Keep Your Arms Open Wide Psalm 29
Far Away Power In the Blood
Bozo's Blues I'll Wait For You
Summer to Remember (Plus one LIVE bonus song)

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SOME OLD FAMILIAR SONGS - The rockin' opening number of the 1999 concerts will open this album.

AHAB'S LAST RIDE - An amusing story, with a playful, yet driving beat.

IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE - One of the best songs this band has ever written. Wait'll you hear the words!

KEEP YOUR ARMS OPEN WIDE - Country-rock ballad about hope, love and forgiveness.

THE GUARDIANS - Majestic song about angels, done during the Spring concerts.

TECHNO CELESTE - Brand new, very different. You'll envision the angels dancing.

BOZO'S BLUES - A trademark Rob Bolton satire about a musician taking himself too seriously.

A SUMMER TO REMEMBER - Elegant story of a young couple, and what makes their lives meaningful.

MISSION POSSIBLE - Written for the July 31st gig, a powerful and dramatic rocker.

(I BLAME IT ALL ON THAT) CITY-FIED MUSIC - Country satire about taking responsibility.

PSALM 29 - New dramatic musical frontiers, and featuring guest vocalist Doug Warner.

POWER IN THE BLOOD - Traditional hymn, but Pentecostal style (from Baptists?) with Paula Davis.

GET YOUR HEART RIGHT - Inspired by the opening prayer of a Kansas senate meeting. Revival!!!!!

I'LL WAIT FOR YOU - Carolyn delivers this soft ballad about waiting for "Mr. Right".


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