ALIVE IN CONCERT - 14 songs, released 5/97


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Rockin' Rollin' In the Promised Land / Someone's Watching You / Techno-Casualty / Shew Me Thy Ways / The Only Way / Grace to the Humble / The Overcomers / Don't Cross That Line / Don't Throw Your Love Away / Content / Memories / Gone And Long Gone / Around About / Everybody Come Praise the Lord

Recorded at various locations during 1996 and 1997. All songs include Kim, Julie, Carolyn and Rob. Engineered by Josh Mullins and Dave Brown.

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REVIEW - By Ken Tesch -

"ALIVE IN CONCERT" is a hip-hop, stomp-your-feet, clap-your-hands musical adventure for young and old. The Boltons have done it again! The well-thought-out, biblically correct lyrics and dancable music make this a must listen! The album contains several of their well-known songs, including teen hits "Techno-Casualty" and "Someone's Watching You", but let me point out five of my favorites. First, "Don't Throw It Away". Every teen should memorize this one. It has a message of purity, and conveys the importance of waiting until marriage. Second, "Content". Those who have the most toys lose, while those who have Christ win! It's spelled out clearly in this song: we can be thankful and content in Christ, no matter what the world throws at us. Third, "Don't Cross That Line". The message and the beat make this a favorite. We all need to be reminded of the importance of meeting Jesus now rather than later. It's a trumpet for believers to witness, and for the unsaved to wake up. Fourth, "Grace to the Humble". Great Carribean beat, excellent story-telling lyrics. Warning to introverts: this tune causes whistling and singing along. And finally, the classic "Rockin' Rollin' In the Promised Land" This is about the real meaning of rock and roll in the promised land. And of course, Boltons" Christian concerts always include an invitation to accept Christ, showing the Bolton's true heart and reason for their music.

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