BANNERS FLYING - 16 songs, released 2/98.

TRACK LIST & Dave Brown's Review:

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Wave After Wave / Heartbeat / Ain't Got Ya Yet / The Mercy Song / The Ark Party / Titanic Folklore, Part 1 / Don't Know / No One Else / Banners Flying /Beat the Reaper / Boys And Girls / Follow You 'Round/ Tommy Simpleton / Titanic Folklore, Part 2 /Seen of Men / Please Let Me Serve / Banners Flying (Live Version)

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REVIEW - (By Dave Brown, the bands recording engineer in 1997 and 1998)

In mid-1998, the Boltons released yet another masterful album, "Banners Flying". It contains one of their most dynamic songs ever in "The Ark Party", which recounts the biggest party ever in the bible, and to which crowds have been responding enthusiastically. Kim's vocal talents continue to shine, especially on the title track, while "No One Else" features sweet, beautiful vocals by Carolyn. Listeners are exhorted to seek wisdom in the proverbial "Tommy Simpleton". Don't miss the eccentric side of Rob in the satirical "Seen of Men". We are reminded that life is not a game in the entertaining but franklyrics of "Beat the Reaper". All in all, "Banners Flying" displays the growing spiritual maturity of the Boltons, while remaining a useful outreach to the unsaved. Thank you, Boltons, for yet another job well done. - DB

1.) WAVE AFTER WAVE - New-age-sounding testimony to God's overwhelming love. Great vocals by Kim, harmonies by Carolyn.
2.) HEART BEAT - A typical bouncy-rock piece, with a great message about character. Tag-team vocals and 60s style melody.
3.) AINT GOT YA YET - The bands second attempt at techno music, this one's a high-speed chase about de debil.
4.) THE MERCY SONG - Back to 60s style, with two 12-string guitars jangling over heart-felt lyrics to the first sensible prayer.
5.) THE ARK PARTY - Designed for concerts, a pure-fun praise song about the biggest party in the bible, (2 Samuel ch 6).
x.) TITANIC FOLKLORE, PART ONE - Rob and Julie do a brief skit about a sea-faring couple.
6.) DON'T KNOW - Piano, guitar and harmonica exchange leads in this good-timey pop-rock satire on a yuppie couple.
7.) NO ONE ELSE - Carolyn's vocals are perfect for this ballad-rock praise song. A touch of country in the melody.
8.) BANNERS FLYING - Classic rock with an engaging beat enables this "Mission Statement" song. Listen for other song titles.
9.) BEAT THE REAPER - In this skit, game show contestants try to out-wit the "Grim Reaper of Death".
10.) BOYS AND GIRLS - Sounding like a high-speed United Wonder, this concert favorite is drawn from Psalm 126.
11.) FOLLOW YOU 'ROUND - Aimed at teens, this alternative-sounding hard-rocker has a great message.
x.) TITANIC FOLKLORE, PART TWO - Rob and Julie pick up the sequel, and things go from silly to insane.
12.) TOMMY SIMPLETON - A re-make of Rob's 1980s song about a fantasy character living in the book of Proverbs.
13.) SEEN OF MEN - This humiliates all ego trips. Another satire.
14.) PLEASE LET ME SERVE - A pleasant song of consecration to God's service.
15.) BONUS TRACK - A "Live" track is added to all albums, usually either DONT CROSS THAT LINE or BANNERS FLYING.