Country City - 12 songs, plus 4 bonus, released 3/97


Review - In some ways, this is two mini-albums: six "country" songs and six "city" songs. Much of the material is secular, which is a real switch for this band, but such material was needed for certain concerts. Two "bonus tracks", of Christian nature, appear to present the gospel at the end of each side. If you don't like country music, then skip directly to side two. Julie and Carolyn's interest in country inspired side one. It's very easy to listen to, the melodies and instruments are country-pop, and the messages are all simple. The first three all go over well in concerts, the Zip Medley is well received by the elderly, but the prize of side one is "Memories". It's a tear-jerker, but and very inspirational. Side two opens with "Driveway Romance", which is always a concert smash. Satirical songs have always been a song-writing strength for Rob, and this one is so vivid, and so funny that it wins everybody over. Also of reccomendation on side two are "British Invasion" and "Together". Both are well thought-out. This recording quality of this album surpasses the previous ones, in part because the songs are simpler. Of all the albums, this is the most easy-listening and fun, if not the most sophistocated.

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THE COUNTRY SIDE: Clap Your Hands / Country Twinkle / Gonna Find Him / Bozo's Serenade / Zip Medley: (Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, You Are My Sunshine, Tenneseee Waltz, Beautiful Morning) / Memories / Gone And Long Gone / Following You. THE CITY SIDE: Driveway Romance / British Invasion - 1964 / Together / Sweets / Where Have All the Flowers Gone / Where You Goin? / Don't Cross That Line / Rockin Rollin In the Promised Land (Live versilon).

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1.) EVERYBODY COME PRAISE THE LORD - Very pleasant, if a bit hoakey.
2.) COUNTRY TWINKLE - Nice piano and guitar back a down-home melody about a young boy in love.
3.) GONNA FIND HIM - Carolyn's first lead vocal carries a quick-paced, almost bluegrass ballad of a selective young lady.
4.) FOOL IN LOVE (BOZO'S SERENADE) - Rob's satire about a redneck youth hopelessly courting a disinterested princess.
5.) ZIP MEDLEY - A collage of 40s and 50s songs, put together for senior citizen concerts, with some very nice transitions.
6.) MEMORIES - One of the bands very best works, a sentimental tale of an aging couple, still very much in love.
x.) GONE AND LONG GONE - bonus track, from the "Winter Voices" album.
x.) FOLLOWING YOU - bonus track from "Catch You In the Fall", and b-side of "Driveway Romance".
1.) DRIVEWAY ROMANCE - A huge hit song, 60s style, about a teen daughters dating, and her fathers protection. Very funny.
2.) BRITISH INVASION (1964) - A tribute to 60s bands, written by Rob, features good-timey rock-and-roll nostalgia.
3.) TOGETHER - Cindy joins Rob to sing about marriage committment. An elegant ballad.
4.) SWEETS - Another nice love song, with plenty of great vocals and a real nice melody.
5.) FLOWERS - Bordering on folk music, more melodic guitar and pretty vocals, especially from Carolyn.
6.) WHERE YOU GOIN'? - A probing song about setting goals. Interesting sax arrangement.
x.) DON'T CROSS THAT LINE - bonus track, from "Catch You In the Fall". Great message.
x.) ROCKIN' ROLLIN' IN THE PROMISED LAND" - Live sersion, bonus track. Exciting.

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