CATCH YOU IN THE FALL - 14 songs, rel. 9/97


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Second Chance / Techno-Casualty / Following You / Keep On Growing / Don't Cross That Line / Hound of Heaven / I Never Knew / Back to War / Autumns Answer / The Only Way / Grace to the Humble / Catch You In the Fall / Content / Forever And On

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SECOND CHANCE - Great lyrics, and a driving, almost alternative-sounding, rock beat. Four strong vocal performances.
TECHNO-CASUALTY - This one's a hit. Kim fits right in to this techno-rocker about our fragile world.
FOLLOWING YOU - Julie sings just great on this folk-praise song. Beautiful melody and message, sensibly orchestrated.
KEEP ON GROWIN' - A typical Rob-style good-old-rock-and-roll message about a group of young people.
DON'T CROSS THAT LINE - Considered by many to be the Boltons best song. Pop-rock, Kim vocal, excellent message.
HOUND OF HEAVEN - Another youth-targeted rocker, the repetitive guitar hook and unique vocal arrangement are great.
I NEVER KNEW - Soft, tender folk song. a typical love song with nature references.
LETS GET BACK - Very aggressive, distorted rock guitars form a backdrop to this exortive piece.
AUTUMN'S ANSWER - Some of Rob's most peotic lyrics in this folk-rock, nature-loving prophetic song. Backing vocals by Cindy.
THE ONLY WAY - A failed attempt at a sequel to "Rockin' Rollin' In the Promised Land", but still a good message & cute singing.
GRACE TO THE HUMBLE - Carribean-sounding versions of three bible stories. Very very cute.
CATCH YOU IN THE FALL - Artistic, lengthy, and pensive. The flute and percussion are mezmorizing, and the message right on.
CONTENT - More cuteness, and a message about being thankful. Designed to be a single, it almost made it.
FOREVER AND ON - Deathbed compfort, ballad-rock style. Simple melody, memorable words.