I'll See You In the Spring - 12 songs, released 4/94


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I'll See You In the Spring / Green Tribe / Dreams of Love / The Book / Crash And Burn / The Overcomers / Story to Tell / Euroclydon / Certain Lewd Fellows of the Baser Sort / Heavens True / Fly Like Eagles /

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I'LL SEE YOU IN THE SPRING - Orchestrated pop-rock with a super encouraging message and a sweet sweet melody. Classic.
GREEN TRIBE - A fun spoof on the old "Springfield Indians" hockey team. You had to be there.
DREAMS OF LOVE - Folk-rock ballad of the story of the biblical book of Ruth, from Boaz' perspective.
THE BOOK - (Not on all copies) - Re-release of 1988 hit, compairing religious perspective to bible statements.
CRASH AND BURN - Guest guitarist Bill Haley wrote the melody. The song is about desperate prayers.
OVERCOMERS - The first ever "Rob and Kim" hit, a bouncy-rock number inspired by the later chapters of revelation.
INTERMISSION - (Not on all copies) - Re-release of keyboard instrumental "Dancing At Shiloh" from 1988.
EVERYBODY'S GOT A STORY TO TELL - Rob and Cindy sing this 1989 hit. Great gospel message format.
EUROCLYDON - Named after a storm described in the Acts of the Apostles, an aggressive-sounding seafaring tale.
CERTAIN LEWD FELLOWS OF THE BASER SORT - Disturbing tale, and unique sounds. A "cult" favorite.
HEAVEN'S TRUE - A very touching song, about remembering someone who has passed on.
FLY LIKE EAGLES - Similiar message to the first song, but with more of a driving rock beat.

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