Summertime Stars - 15 songs, released 2/96


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Summertime Stars / Someones Watching You/ Don't Throw Your Love Away / Don't Look Back / Around About / Bamboozled / Brookside Sounds / Summertime Rock Star / Big Media / Every Time / Beach Bunny / Find You Out / Back When We All Knew Better / Summer Years / Rockin' Rollin' In the Promised Land /

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REVIEW (By Lou Lander, former guitarist for "United Wonder", current Chaplain at two institutions.) -

For three decades, Rob Bolton has been writing and producing inspired lyrical compositions that demand your attention. And now, "Summertime Stars". Who has not been mezmerized as they gaze at the heavenly summertime stars and marveled at their glory? Against that backdrop, Rob paints a picture of important family relationships, rekindling warm memories of precious times spent between father and son. And then masterfully weaving the scarlet thread of God's redemptive plan throughout this first song, and then the entire album, The Boltons bring us a singing reminder of the hope given to mankind. The sting of sin is not ignored (cf "Find You Out"), but the joy of God's salvation is the overriding theme of this exciting work. There is no mistaking the "Boltonian" beat, and the unique musical rhythms and harmonies. As lyrical pictures vividly flash before your eyes: watch out! Your imagination may run wild. Consider the relevent message of "Big Media", with its compelling beat, clear lyrical portrait, and young Kim's great vocal performance. It's just her second lead since "Honesty, Etc.", and she nails it. Consider my personal favorite "Summertime Rock Star". Rob and I played it in the 70s and 80s with "United Wonder", and I wholeheartedly approve of this modern version with improved lyrics. And the appropriate grand finale "Rockin' Rollin' In the Promised Land", a team effort where everybody's really into it. Again, The Boltons have recorded a fresh, exiting, even exhilarating work in "Summertime Stars". Listen carefully and you too will be a star in God's eye. - LL

SUMMERTIME STARS - A pleasant folk-rock hit about the sensible conclusions of a child looking up at the stars.
SOMEONE'S WATCHING YOU - This rhythm-rocker about setting a good example turned out to be a hit with teens.
DON'T THROW IT AWAY - Kim's first "serious ballad" is a simple, piano-based song about love and purity.
DON'T LOOK BACK - Quick-paced with a fun-sounding electric guitar. It's about priorities.
AROUND ABOUT - A kids song, from Psalm 125, with cute vocals and lots of personality from Julie and Andrew.
BAMBOOZLED - A father-to-son song, with clever accoustic guitars and no percussion.
BROOKSIDE SOUNDS - Sounds of nature and gentle guitar strumming create a soothing interlude piece.
SUMMERTIME ROCK STAR - An update of the 1978 United Wonder classic, this 3-part medley has a great testimony.
BIG MEDIA - Kim's biggest hit since "Honesty", a techno-rocker about the liberal slant of today's opinion-shapers in the media.
EVERY TIME - Sincere lyrics about spiritual growth, put to a pleasant melody. Nice harmony vocals by Julie.
BEACH BUNNY - Comic relief, dedicated to college students at the Va. Beach ministry, and to Cindy.
FIND YOU OUT - Jazzy, blues-rock music back a story of how crime doesn't pay. More good backing vocals by Julie.
BACK WHEN WE ALL KNEW BETTER - 12-string rocker about a biblical place called "Beth-El" where believers first meet God.
SUMMER YEARS - Soft and melancholy song about how parents should treasure the years of family togetherness.
ROCKIN' ROLLIN' IN THE PROMISED LAND - The band's "signature song" , and usual concert-opener. A rockin' hit.

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