A.) People Need to Show & Receive LOVE:
1.) A sense of belonging - being part of something greater than self.
2.) A sense of worth - inherent value of personhood and life.
3.) A sense of competence - ability to serve. Not helpless.

B.) REJECTION - Discuss it.
1.) What is it? Is it ever appropriate?
2.) Its effect on A123 above.

C.) Sources of Rejection:
1.) Parental.
2.) Leaders. (Teachers, coaches, etc.)
3.) Peers.
4.) Spouse.
5.) Self.

D.) Symptoms of those who have been hurt badly by rejection:
1.) Critical spirit, bitterness, envy.
2.) Perfectionist. (Or procrastinate, since perfection is unattainable.)
3.) Loner. Drive people away, or to a safe distance.
4.) Vulnerable to "saviors" who later manipulate them.
5.) Self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.

E.) Biblical Solution:
1.) John 6:37 - Christ will accept you.
2.) Rom 5:5-8 - See A2 above. Even while sinners, God saw potential value.
3.) Rom 8:15-17 - See A1 above. We belong to God. We're in His family.
4.) Rom 8:11 - See A3 above. God equips and expects ability.
5.) Colos 1:19-21 - We are presented "blameless" (unrejectable) before God.

F.) Further Comments:
a.) HOW TO GET OVER IT: In the light of the above: Examine your own rejections, see them objectively, forgive, grieve, and move on. Recondition your mind with the truth of the word of God, and surround yourself with edifying people.
b. DON'T REJECT OTHERS: Examine your own tendencies to reject. See James 4:11-12. Make necessary corrections. Romans 15:7 - Accept each other.

c.) CONCLUSION - 1 Peter 4:8 - Love each other fervently. Love covers a multitude of sins.

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