Why your wife is the way she is …
(…and what to do about it!)

1.) GEN 2 (19-20) - "The Invention of Women"
a.) Adam & the animals (19-20a)
b.) The HELP-MEET (20b)
c.) Woman from man (21-22)
d.) She's hot, she's mine! (23)
e.) Permanent queen (24)
f.) Intimacy (25)

2.) GEN 3 - "The most major screw-up ever"
a.) Both accountable, both cursed.
(Woman - Child-bearing & raising will be sorrowful. Man - Work will be hard.)
b.) Intimacy - A power struggle
("Desire" = manipulate & control. "Rule" = respond reactively and harshly.)

3.) TODAY - "Help Yes / Meet No"

"Name one woman who doesn't want to run her husband's life."
a.) What are you doing?
(The natural secretary.)
b.) What are you wearing?
(The natural wardrobe manager.)
c.) What's wrong with you?

(The natural nurse.) You're Adam, She's Eve, and it's your fault!

Insecure / Frightened / Unfulfilled / Alone
Doesn't instinctively know how to
"Answer worthily" on that which defines you: the inner you, the human spirit.
(And our civilization makes it worse by medicating her with selfish indulgences.)

4.) THE CURE - BEGINS WITH YOU: (Eph 5:25-29)



a.) Tell her you love her. Verbally, etc.

b.) Protect Her:
Physically / Economically / Spiritually / Mentally
c.) Listen to her.
d.) Thank her.
e.) Give her affection, for its own sake.
f.) Be her partner in child-raising.
g.) Be honest. Keep your promises

a.) Lead Spiritually
Example / Books / Chr. Fellowship & Discipleship
b.) Love her Pro-actively (not just response)
c.) Encourage Growth
Ministry / Learning / New things.
d.) Make Memories

"Women want to be rescued,
and then taken on a great adventure."

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