(From 1st Corinthians 13: It's about personal maturity)

1.) When I Was a Child (1 Cor 13:11)
Past Tense.
Attributes - Vulnerable, ignorant (simple), incapable (unskilled), selfish
(Tho' cute, lovable, teachable, full of hope)
2.) I Understood as a Child (1 Cor 14:20)
a.) My world is centered around me: my needs, my wants, my image.
b.) There's lots of cool stuff around
c.) TV paradigms - Appearance, winning big $, faith in self, resolved happy endings.
a.) "Love" means that the world is NOT centered around me.
b.) The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
c.) Every ounce of freedom costs somebody a pound of responsibility.
d.) Don't judge by outward appearance.
e.) Unless the Lord builds the house…
f.) Todays behavior has consequences tomorrow.
"Adult" understanding is available, digestible, and provable. Some refuse correction and reproof. No excuses please
3.) I Thought as a Child - Eph 4:14
Childish Deductions (in any circumstance)
Due to: Unrealistic expectations, delaying responsibility, shallow thinking, refusal to step outside self.
Mature Deductions (in any circumstance)
a.) Study to show yourself approved. d.) Know WHY you believe.
b.) Use gifts, talents constructively e.) Think things through.
c.) Give more than you take. f.) Don't just follow.
4.) I Spoke (and acted) as a Child
Childish proclaimations (Me - I - Myself)
I want… / No fair! / Other manipulative phrases.
Childish Symptoms:
Moody, unfaithful borrower, hates boss, in debt, messy, out-of-shape, lives for hobby, always late.
Childish tactics:
Anger, tears, other manipulative behavior.
Vs. Psalm 15 - a.) Walks uprightly
b.) Speaks truth in own heart (vs. self-talk)
c.) Doesn't pick on others and tear down. (Children do.)
d.) Sides with the righteous.
e.) Backs up commitments, even when it costs.
f.) Doesn't rip off. Not a taker.
5.) When I Became a Man
Greek verbiage here implies a Once, completed FINAL DECISION.
When for you? Marriage vows? First child? First job? First crisis? Salvation? Consecration?
6.) I Put Away Childish Things
2 Cor 10:15 - Taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.
3 tests on"things" - cannot defile, cannot absorb, should be submitted to God's kingdom in some way.
THE MAIN KEY SYMPTOM - LOVE. Love is not a child's game

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